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RSS M-400 for legendary African group

test 25 December 2008

UK: Osibisa’s recent show at Salisbury Arts Centre featured RSS by Roland equipment, writes David Davies. The audio configuration for the 40th anniversary-celebrating show included RSS M-400 V-Mixer digital consoles at FOH and monitors, accompanied by dedicated digital multicores and stageboxes, and connected to a show recording system via Roland’s proprietary EtherNet protocol REAC.

The Osibisa set-up also featured L-Acoustics HiQ wedge monitors and a Tannoy VQ PA system, the latter provided by rental company Midas ProSound, whose company serves as an official dealer for the RSG range of digital products that includes the M-400 V-Mixing system.

In addition, two Roland S-1608 Digital Snake stage boxes and one S-0816 I/O Snake unit were used to deliver all mic and line feeds to the two mixing consoles, while an S-4000SP REAC splitter box ensured the passage of 40 separate channels of digital audio from the stage boxes to record as separate tracks on the REAC-ready SONAR, a PC-based digital multitrack system operated for this show by RSS’ Martin Thomas.

According to RSS, the REAC protocol enabled the system to fit together quickly and efficiently. “Putting any other non-proprietary piece of equipment into the chain makes so sense at all, as it would be taking away from the very essence of what makes RSS’ high-quality digital audio system so ergonomically strong,” said Thomas. “When you’re in the comfort zone of being sure everything is going to work immediately, it gives you more time to concentrate on the important issue – the sound itself.”

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