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RSG launches new compact M-200i mixer

Erica Basnicki 14 November 2012
RSG launches new compact M-200i mixer

Roland Systems Group has launched the M-200i compact 32 channel digital mixing console with iPad control, part of the company’s V-Mixing System line-up.   The M-200i features 17 motorized faders, eight AUX, four Matrix, eight DCA’s, 24 inputs and 14 outputs. The M-200i can also mix in audio sources from a USB key inserted in the USB port.   The iPad application enables remote control of all the key features of the M-200i including pre-amp control, pan, high pass filters and PEQ and GEQ control. It also includes the ability to store and recall scenes, adjust compressors and gates, sends on faders and effect editing.   The M-200i also includes a Roland Ethernet Audio Communication (REAC) port for expansion options such as personal mixing, live multi-channel recording or playback using the R-1000 48 track recorder or recording via software.    The REAC port can also expand the number of physical inputs by connecting to a digital snake via a Cat5e/6 cable.   The Roland M-200i is made its debut at the InterBEE show in Tokyo on 14 November, with expected availability in January 2013.  

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