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Royal Academy of Music chooses NetworkedPlanet solution to power online music index

test 5 June 2007

UK: The Royal Academy of Music is to use the TMCore information management system from NetworkedPlanet to power its new online music index, ‘RAMline’. The platform will provide navigation through a vast online music resource that links profiles, discographies, performances and musical compositions across genres, reports PSN-e.

The TMCore topic map engine, says NetworkedPlanet, will enable users to locate and browse over 100,000 individual in-house and external resources, including sound clips, images, websites and details of live performances. The system attaches topic, theme and relationship metadata to each new piece of content added, enabling it to be categorised as part of a larger grid of files – all connected semantically.

While RAMline will initially be used by academics and students, it is expected that the service will be extended to music enthusiasts worldwide in the future. Development of the system is said to be well underway, but is not expected to reach completion until next year.

Kal Ahmed, founder of NetworkedPlanet, commented: “The scale and nature of this project are ideal to demonstrate fully the benefits of topic maps. As the index grows, navigation becomes more and more problematic, especially considering much of the content is stored in different locations. Adding topic maps to each resource – either when it is created or when its details are imported into the system – allows extra metadata properties to be attached to it, such as genre, date or city. A detailed ‘map’ can then be created between this metadata, allowing rapid navigation according to keywords, relationships and themes.”

The deal confirms the growing popularity of TMCore since its introduction with TMCore05 in January 2005. The launch of that product came hot on the heels of Networked Planet’s formation in 2004 to develop topic map processing tools and applications specifically for the Microsoft .NET framework.


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