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Roland systems for Metropolis live showcases

test 6 January 2010

UK: Chiswick’s Metropolis Studios is hosting monthly acoustic showcases featuring up-and-coming performers, reports PSN-e. Organisers of the ‘Power Down’ sessions have selected Roland and RSS to partner them with digital control equipment and musical instruments.

Providing control at FOH is a 48-channel digital audio RSS M-400 V-Mixer, which is deployed in conjunction with two S-1608 configurable digital snakes transmitting over CAT5 cable using REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication).

The sessions – which have so far included performances from artists such as Sadie Jemmett, John West, Catherine Pockson and Treetop Flyers – are also making use of Roland’s new V-Piano and TD-20KX V-Drums kit.

RSS sales & marketing manager Martin Thomas recalled that the format for the Power Down sessions was birthed during Metropolis’ 20th birthday, and highlighted the suitability of the M-400 V-Mixer’s compact footprint for the well-attended sessions.

He commented: "Roland is delighted to be building this association with one of the country’s finest studios, as well as the showcase musicians and the guests, who include all the leading management companies. In the near-future, we will also be supplying the artists with our M-48 personal monitor mixers, which will enable them to control and alter their individual mix. Each mixer has built-in reverb, ambience microphone, line in and many more features that make it an outstanding product. By allowing the musicians to control their own sound, the front-of-house engineer will be free to concentrate on the main mix."

Metropolis Studios’ MD, Ian Brenchley, added: "Live sound is one area that Metropolis has not really ventured into over the years, so working with Roland and their excellent standards at the Power Down nights has proved to be an exceedingly good match for us. We are always striving for sonic perfection and the same can be said of Roland."



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