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Rockfabriek wins support from Sennheiser

Marc Maes 19 December 2014
Rockfabriek wins support from Sennheiser

A corporate-blue finish flightcase containing a full set of Sennheiser e-series microphones is a welcome endorsement for Rockfabriek. The studio, part of JES (a youth organisation in Brussels) sounded the alarm because of insufficient government support earlier this year (see Rockfabriek looking for partners).

In September, Gorik De Smet, studio engineer, took delivery of 27 professional Sennheiser studio microphones. “In addition to two e-965 flagship stage condensers, the kit contained two MK4 large diaphragm condenser microphones and two iconic Sennheiser MD421, the best for recording toms, plus four e-914 cardioid small diaphragm mics ideal for cymbals and many other applications,” enthused De Smet. “And we’re also very impressed with the e-901/e-902 combination for the kick drums.”

De Smet adds that the e-series is also a “perfect fit” for live concerts in the JES venue.

Pictured are Gorik de Smet, studio engineer with Liselotte Vanheukelom, JES youth work team coordinator. (Photos by Dorien Podevijn.)

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