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RME unveils portable MADI solution for laptops

test 18 March 2008

GERMANY: This year’s ProLight+Sound Expo, which concluded in Frankfurt on Saturday (March 15th), provided a showcase for a major new product from RME. Billed as "the world’s first portable MADI solution for laptops", the MADIface for mobile computers provides 128 channels of audio with up to 192kHz, writes David Davies.

Consisting of the HDSPe ExpressCard MADI and a small breakout box, the MADIface offers 64 channels input and 64 channels output; sample rate of up to 192kHz; MADI-embedded MIDI transmission, and complete TotalMix that can be controlled remotely and has all the features of the ‘bigger’ HDSPe MADI, as well as lowest latency and CPU-load. The power for the breakout box is provided directly by the ExpressCard, meaning that no external power supply is required.

Other features include full compatibility with all devices featuring MADI interfaces, a virtual MIDI port within the driver, and Steady Clock, which enables the extraction of the reference clock at the lowest jitter directly from the MADI signal, making long-distance connections more convenient.

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