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RME introduces MADI card for PCI Express

test 7 August 2007

GERMANY: The new HDSPe MADI card from RME finds the company expanding the ‘e’-line of Hammerfall DSP recording solutions for the PCI Express bus found in current Apple OS- and Windows-based desktop computers, reports PSN-e.

According to RME, the HDSPe MADI card offers a 128 I/O-channel computer connection while offering “the most powerful router/mixer implemented in a single PCI Express card ever”. All 64 inputs and 64 playback channels can be routed and mixed independently to 64 physical outputs, and there is support for 56- and 64-channel modes, as well as Single and Double Wire formats.

Compared to the standard PCI HDSP MADI card, the new PCI Express version is said to offer several advantages, namely support for higher sample rates up to 192 kHz, lowest latency (down to 1ms), and sync to time code with RME’s Time Code Option Module.

The card’s additional analogue Monitoring/Headphone output features new low-latency DA converters from RME’s ADI-8 QS. Additionally, the card offers two independent MIDI I/O pairs for combining remote control and sequencing functions into one audio solution.

The HDSPe MADI comes with drivers for Windows XP (multi-client operation of MME, GSIF and ASIO 2.0) and brand new drivers for Windows Vista and Vista 64. Apple users are catered to with MAC OS X drivers for all INTEL-based MAC Pro computer models, providing Core Audio and Core MIDI support.

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