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The Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 launch: pictures!

Dave Robinson 10 December 2014
The Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 launch: pictures!

Herewith, pictures from the RIVAGE PM10 launch in Tokyo, Japan last month, just ahead of the InterBEE show. Chihaya ‘Chick’ Hirai, director of the Pro Audio Business Unit, Yamaha, is pictured, left, with Tak Nakata, Yamaha president. Nakata made a speech about “the importance of the PA business for Yamaha” at the press conference.

Yamaha claims RIVAGE PM10 is “one of the most powerful and flexible digital mixing systems ever developed”.

Tak and Chick(Lower picture: Chick talks of the benefits and features of the desk, which can run “384 effects processors at once”, at the launch.)

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