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Riedel’s role in 20th anniversary Wall fall celebration

test 24 November 2009

GERMANY: Riedel Communications delivered a video, audio and communications distribution network for the historic event, writes David Davies. The special ceremony marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – an event that presaged both the reunification of Germany and the end of the Cold War.

World leaders past and present attended the event, which featured a 1.5km recreation of a Berlin Wall section in styrofoam dominoes.

Riedel Communications’ technology was at the heart of the AV set-up, with Berlin-based agency COMPACTTEAM utilising the world’s largest MediorNet and RockNet system to date to guarantee the secure transmission of all video and audio signals from the five stages.

A total of 14 MediorNet mainframes distributed 18 HD/SD signals and one NTSC stream from 19 inputs to 33 outputs, thereby allowing point-to-point and point-to-multipoint routing. Meanwhile, a total of 83 RockNet modules were employed for digital distribution, transporting 160 RockNet channels with 120 inputs to 192 outputs. Since the installation covered such a large area, RockNet RN.351FI and RN.352.FO fiber-I/O-modules integrated the RockNet network into the fiber structure.

The ambitious AV set-up also featured 12 Artist DCP-1016 desktop control panels and two C44 Performer System Interfaces from Riedel, along with an additional TETRA Radio network.

Frank Abromeit, chief technician for Riedel Communications, tells PSN-e: "The installation at the Fall of Wall event consisted of various technologies and signals such as intercom, digital radio, partyline, video and audio. Thanks to Riedel’s integrated technology approach, all of the above signals could be distributed over one redundant dual fiber ring combining MediorNet, RockNet, Artist and Performer components into one single application."


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