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Riedel acquires RockNet developer

test 28 October 2008

GERMANY: Riedel Communications has acquired Media Numerics, developer of the RockNet networking technology, writes David Davies. Headquartered in Hanau, Germany, Media Numerics is best-known for its development of RockNet, billed as a real-time, low latency audio distribution network suitable for tour and installed sound applications.

The technology is currently centred on the RockNet 300 product (pictured), which began shipping earlier this year.

“We’re a flexible company, so [the acquisition came together] very quickly,” Thomas Riedel, managing director of Riedel Communications, tells PSN-e.

Following the acquisition of Mediornet in 2007, the latest deal is likely to further enhance Riedel Communications’ credentials as a backbone provider. “With RockNet we now have another ingenious network technology which, in particular, will allow us to target the live sound markets,” says Riedel.

Regarding the long-term prospects for RockNet, Riedel says he is “pretty sure” that it will “establish itself as a new standard for audio networking. The RockNet technology in combination with our other activities will push this. At first sight, RockNet seems to be just another audio network, but if you look deeper you will realise that RockNet is unique in quite a few aspects. So I anticipate a long and eventful life for RockNet.”

Matthias Knoth, managing director of Media Numerics, added: “With the integration of Media Numerics into the Riedel family this will allow us to focus 100 per cent on the development of further innovative features for RockNet. Tasks such as sales and order management, which increasingly absorbed our resources, can now be handled more efficiently within an international organisation such as Riedel.”


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