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Renkus-Heinz appoints SoundCo in France

Dave Robinson 18 December 2012
Renkus-Heinz appoints SoundCo in France

Renkus-Heinz has signed an agreement with French distribution company SoundCo, which now handles the California-based company’s products for the French market. SoundCo will also cover the North Africa countries Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, on a non-exclusive basis.
With offices in the Paris suburb and a sales agent team, SoundCo works in all of the entertainment technology sectors including the live sound/PA rental market, the MI market (including both online and retail outlets), installation and system integration companies and the broadcast industry, and more. Run by Martin Broucqsault and Jérôme Hardy, SoundCo is the exclusive distributor for France for Lewitt Microphones GmbH, ESI Audio GmbH, M Pro Audio, Violet Audio and DVK Technologies.
Håkan Sjöö, Renkus-Heinz European sales manager, commented: "We are really delighted to have secured the services of SoundCo. We believe their deep knowledge of the French market, their enthusiasm and their broad customer base will strengthen the Renkus-Heinz brand in the country and enable us to grow into new markets."

Pictured (L-R) are Hardy, Broucqsault, Ralph Heinz and Sjöö.

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