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RCF’s TTL33 line array debuts at Jesolo Auditorium for Italian stars

test 25 October 2006

ITALY: After a full year of development, TT+ RCF’s line array – unveiled at ProLight+Sound earlier this year – made its first public appearance at an awards ceremony and concert in the 4,000-seater Palazzo del Turismo auditorium in Jesolo, near Venice.

Top Italian acts, Katia Ricciarelli, Mike Bongiorno and Carla Fracci were among those receiving awards whilst Neri Per Caso, one of Italy’s most popular bands played a live set.

The sound for the event was handled by Mazzon Services, a local rental company, working in conjunction with RCF. Emanuele Mazzon explains, "We had seen and heard TT+ when the RCF team did a full demonstration in a football stadium. But this was the first time that we have used it in a live situation.

"The rig went up easily and the initial sound tests were excellent. When it came to the concert itself, we played it straight from the speakers with no delay lines." The design employed involved six TTL33-A boxes per side plus two TTL28-A cabs per side.

The band’s FOH engineer reports that he was surprised that the sound coverage was wide and long enough from such a compact line array. Mazzon again: "We decided to see what the system would it do, so all we added was some sidefills (2 x TT22-A) for the front rows."

RCF’s Fabrizio Grazia told PSNE: "We all had great faith in the system, but it’s good to see it works in a real live situation".


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