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Rational Acoustics to distribute Smaart brand product line

test 31 March 2009

US: The Smaart brand was formerly handled by EAW, part of the LOUD Technologies group, writes David Davies. As a result of the deal between EAW and Rational Acoustics, the latter now has worldwide distribution rights for the Smaart brand product line. It is also expected to take full ownership of the brand within six months.

Under the initial part of the agreement, Smaart v6 will continue as an EAW-branded product, with Rational assuming immediate responsibility for the management of all Smaart-related sales and support functions, including order fulfilment, licensing, registration, technical support and education.

In the second phase – to be completed within six months – Rational Acoustics will purchase the Smaart brand in its entirety and take ownership of the Smaart name, trademark, code base and all assets of the brand. Rational is currently in active development of the next generation of Smaart, to be released as a Rational Acoustics product once the purchase part of the agreement has been completed.

EAW vice-president Jeffrey Cox (pictured) tells PSN-e: "LOUD, and certainly EAW, will maintain an ongoing relationship not only with Rational Acoustics but with Smaart as Smaart continues to develop and grow. I’m excited to see V7 and where Rational Acoustics takes the product and the industry as the future develops."

"For the past year, since the formation of Rational Acoustics, we have been working very closely with EAW in support of Smaart," commented Karen Anderson, chief operating officer of Rational Acoustics. "We have effectively taken over the training programme and have been providing back-up technical support to the EAW ASG team. It’s a very friendly and synergistic relationship, which has benefited both companies as well as the Smaart user community. Rational has now grown to a point where the logical next step was for us to assume complete responsibility for the product line, and eventually to buy the brand outright.

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