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Rane launches new Mongoose device for CobraNet installations

test 12 February 2008

US: “Extend digital audio beyond your CobraNet network” is the claim made by Rane Corporation on behalf of its new Mongoose device, showcased on the Electric Sound stand at ISE last week. Together with Rane’s RADs (Remote Audio Devices) and Tracker software, Mongoose is said to facilitate the cost-effective distribution of low-channel count digital audio throughout an installation, reports David Davies.

Mongoose is a 1U 19-inch unit that allows a contractor to connect eight RADs to a CobraNet network. The device provides power to the RADs and a central connection for configuring the connected RADs via Ethernet. The Mongoose facilitates better use of the CobraNet network by letting the contractor route any input RAD or CobraNet audio channel to any output RAD or CobraNet audio channel.

Connecting RADs to a CobraNet network, says Rane, enables contractors to include RADs in installations that use a wide range of products for digital signal processing – for example, Peavey Media Matrix, BSS London, Symetrix CobraLink or Express, and Biamp Audia.

The specification of Mongoose includes a 32 x 32 digital audio matrix router; the ability to receive two and transmit two CobraNet bundles; support for up to 32 digital audio channels from up to eight RADs; an Ethernet port that supports DHCP, Zeroconf (Link-local and mDNS) and Auto MDI/MDIX; and Tracker set-up software for PC.

Speaking on the stand of Rane’s Netherlands distributor, Electric Sound, at the ISE show, Rane director of sales Dean Standing told PSN-e that Mongoose would start shipping in May. “CobraNet installations are increasingly [common],” he added. “This fills a gap and solves a problem.”

The Mongoose is priced at _1295, with RADs available at _245 (RAD 1, two mic inputs), _225 (RAD 2, one mic and one consumer line input), _200 (RAD 3, two balance line inputs) and _200 (RAD 4, two balance line outputs).

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