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Radial Engineering relocates to 25,000sqft facility

test 2 June 2009

CANADA: The company is pressing forward with a host of new product developments, writes David Davies. Home to brands including Radial, Tonebone, Primacoustic, Zebracase and C-Tec Radial Engineering has also announced the recent acquisition of the Komit Compressor from boutique analogue audio manufacturer Burgin-McDaniel Design.

The new facility – which comes online during a period of sustained sales growth for the company – is located at 1588 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5, Canada. Replacing two previous locations, it almost doubles Radial’s capacity to 25,000sqft.

Asked why now is the right time to relocate, Radial president Peter Janis tells PSN-e: “One can certainly argue that given the less-than-ideal economic times a move right now would not be considered wise. But when the right opportunity comes along, you have to react. [_] The cost to move has been very high, but now that everything is in the same space we are beginning to enjoy greater efficiencies. We are now onto the arduous process of hiring for several positions that we feel need to be filled.”

Meanwhile, the company is busy with a wealth of new developments across its various brands. In particular, leading brand Radial is, reveals Janis, “in a major expansion mode. We probably have 30 products in the pipeline that cover all types of applications in several markets. We have just started shipping the Radial JX44 Air Control, which is basically a guitar and amp controller for stage use. Some of the bands that have already taken delivery include Nickelback, Buck Cherry and the Eagles. This week, we started to produce the Radial H-Amp speaker to headphone interface, and we are about to start producing a new item called the Radial J+4, a -10dB to +4dB line driver and isolator which will be of interest to both the broadcast and installation markets_ ‘Busy’ would certainly be an understatement!”

Shortly after Janis’ conversation with PSN-e, the company announced that it had acquired the Komit Compressor from Burgin-McDaniel Design, and added company principles Kevin Burgin and Drake Williams to its team.

“The opportunity to tap the resources of two of the world’s leading audio designers was an opportunity we could not resist,” said Janis. “So, as part of the deal, we agreed to purchase the Komit design and roll it into out soon-to-be-released LunchBox series. Kevin and Drake are already at work developing a complete range that complements API’s popular 500 series, and you can be sure that we will add a bit of ‘Radial spice’ [to] bring it to another level.”

The Komit compressor/limiter is currently undergoing a redesign that will enable it to integrate switches, LEDs and connectors already in use across Radial’s existing production line.


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