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Radial acquires Reamp

David Davies 21 January 2011

Radial Engineering has reached agreement for the purchase of amplification interface brand Reamp and its attendant patent from their originator, John Cuniberti, who brought the original Reamp product to market in 1994.

Now available in a V.2 version ‘re-tooled for today’s engineering practices and equipment’, Reamp has found favour with high-profile engineers and artists including the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, U2, Steve Vai, Bob Rock, Alan Sides, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, Andy Johns, Metallica, Joe Satriani and many others.

In a statement announcing the purchase, Radial president Peter Janis said that the company had long advocated “the Reamping process and [has] produced a number of very successful products such as the X-Amp, ProRMP, JD7 and JX44 that employ John’s patent. During this time, we have wholeheartedly supported John by paying him a royalty for each Radial ‘Reamping’ product sold in the United States. When John decided to sell, we eagerly agreed to purchase the company assets. We foresee Reamping gaining more and more market depth in the recording world as a means to integrate the organic feel and sound of analogue audio with today’s computer based digital workstations.”

Speaking to PSNE, Janis described the Reamp brand as “a very powerful one that has become the Kleenex of re-amplification. We will be porting all of our Reamping products such as the X-Amp and JD7 to include some reference to the Reamp brand as a means of expanding the brand and increasing the awareness. It is important to note that with the increased performance now available from digital technology, Reamping brings character back into the recording process. This presents a very exciting means to integrate digital with analogue and we aim to continue to take the lead position in bringing this technology to market.”

In terms of the practical implications for Radial, the company is planning to occupy a further 5,000 sqft – hitherto leased to another company – that was constructed during a significant expansion programme in 2008. The company has recently added two staff to its marketing department as well as two in engineering, and plans to add a further engineer this year.

“Because Reamp is so similar to what Radial already does, the integration will actually be quite seamless,” concludes Janis.

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