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Quested monitors for NZ studio

test 8 December 2009

NEW ZEALAND: Belltone Recording Studios’ Scott Hansen (pictured here with studio cat Castro) has specified Quested S8R full-range monitors, reports David Davies. Hansen – who is director and sound engineer at the East Auckland complex – selected the Quested units following a series of acoustical improvements.

"Once we had the acoustics working well in the Control Room, we realised we had gone as far as we could go with the monitors we had, and after our current monitors broke down twice within six months it meant I could finally convince my partner we needed to upgrade," said Hansen.

Having assessed a variety of monitoring solutions, Hansen decided that the S8Rs were best equipped to provide a revealing, flat response for work on Belltone client mixes.

"The balanced sound of the Questeds means that now I spend less time worrying about how the mixers will translate into the real world," he noted. "I’ve found that they sound good monitoring at all levels and also noticed that it’s much easier to place instruments in the stereo field than before. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to purchasing the SB10 sub woofer down the line!"

Quested Monitoring Systems director Guy Lewis tells PSN-e that the S8R has been deployed at Belltone in "a fairly typical situation – as a full-range monitor in a small/medium-sized room. It uses the 370 watts of amplification to deliver not just level but superb control of the 8" drive unit, so it provides a cleaner full-range frequency response – lower than many comparable models.

"Having spent considerable time and money on acoustics, Scott and Carolyn [McKenzie] needed a monitor that would avoid phase problems, and this is one of the strengths of all the Quested S Series models."



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