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PSNLive 2015: Send us your dirty pictures!

Jon Chapple 3 July 2015
Dirty mic! PSNLive 2015

We want ‘em. The dirtiest, nastiest, most messed-up photos you can get your hands on!

But hang on, Geronimo, before you reach for the Polaroid, the celery and the axle grease, we’re looking specifically for pictures of microphones. Damaged, battered, grimy or even totally FUBARed, we want to see first-hand the sort of treatment artists and bands put their mics through when they’re out on the road.

For our annual report on the European live music industry, PSNLive (published in August), we’re gathering together as many horror stories as possible about how performers use and abuse their omnis. Then we’re going to tell you what manufacturers do to make sure the mics keep working, come hell or high water (though, mainly sweat and saliva).

If you’re a sound engineer, or a performer, and you have a photo you’d like to share, please send it on over, with a line or too telling us who and what was involved. Where we can (while staying legal!), we’ll publish the best ones.

Send your pix to Now, I have to straighten out this grille…

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