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Protape seeks a ‘greener future’ with new electrically-powered van

test 22 January 2008

UK: Following PSN-e 57’s coverage of ecologically-minded new measures by software company McDSP (read more), this week brings news that Soho-based professional media supplier Protape has been working on ways to make its business more environmentally sound. The first fruit of the Sony and Avastor authorised distributor’s new approach is a _11,000 electrically-powered vehicle for deliveries in Inner London, reports PSN-e.

Protape is also beginning to combine multiple non-urgent deliveries to closely situated destinations further afield in order to cut down on the number of deliveries, and is in the process of replacing the bags used in the shop with fully recyclable ones.

“A huge part of our customer base is located no more than two miles from our shop, and fundamentally we don’t need a huge diesel lorry or van to supply those customers,” said Bob Matthews, managing director of Protape. “The new van makes so much sense, both environmentally and financially – it can be written down 100% for corporation tax in one year, incurs no road tax, pays no congestion charge, and costs about 1.5 pence a mile to run in electricity charges. You can charge it from any 240V plug socket, and it can be parked free in many parts of London. It’s a great example of what some of the latest advances in transport technology can do for the environment, if given a chance.”

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