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Prominent Danish studio purchases SSL Duality console

test 26 June 2007

DENMARK/US: Baltic Recording Studio in Svaneke, Denmark, has purchased a 48-input Solid State Logic Duality console, said to combine the “analogue sonics” of the E, G, J and K Series desks with extended DAW capabilities. Meanwhile, in other recent SSL-related news, the manufacturer has appointed a new partnership manager in the form of previous product specialist Quinton Nixon, writes David Davies.

The path to the installation of a Duality at Baltic began last autumn when musician, producer and studio owner Jesper Mejlvang – on the lookout for a new console – was introduced to the SSL desk by his assistant. Now in situ, the console is said to have helped to speed up the recording process considerably.

“What used to be time consuming ‘desk jobs’ are now handled with a few button pushes, like recording session set-ups and mix recalls,” said Mejlvang. “And we’ve had great results with making templates for different types of projects – something we used to spend hours doing before recording. Now it’s just a question of loading a template and we’re ready to go in minutes. And then there’s the instant fader position and channel routing – fast recall of everything.”

In other recent news for the high-end console manufacturer, former product specialist Quinton Nixon has been promoted to the role of partnership manager. Based in SSL’s Los Angeles office, Nixon’s responsibilities now include sales of the AWS900+ Analogue Workstation System and customer relations.

“It’s very gratifying to now be in a position to help people own SSL consoles,” commented Nixon, whose career prior to SSL included extensive freelance recording/post engineering work and a product specialist role at TC Electronic. “As an engineer, I understand the advantages of recording and mixing on an SSL, and what owning an SSL can do for a studio’s bottom line. In my new position, I get to spend my time spreading the word.”


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