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Procol Harum debuts Blackbox Recorder on US tour

Paul Watson 13 July 2010

Legendary ’60s British rock band Procol Harum debuts award-winning JoeCo Blackbox Recorder on two week tour of USA and Canada including shows in New York, Chicago, Boston and Toronto. Graham Ewins, FOH engineer for Procol Harum, says the 24-channel multi-track Blackbox Recorder (BBR) was the perfect touring companion for his Yamaha PM5D-RH console and that setting the system up was very straightforward. “Hook up was simplicity itself; connect the looms, connect the hard drive, power up and off you go,” he says. “We had to configure our new hard drives for fat 32 file handling, but once this was done, we were up and running very easily.” Ewins ran 22 channels into the BBR unit and channels 23 and 24 were used as a stereo pair for audience capture, which he says was ideal both for creating a one scene 1 to 24 layer on the PM5D and for capturing the whole show using a single BBR unit. Ewins recorded the shows at 24 bit 48kHz, which matches the band’s archived material and the configuration of his own recording studio. Joe Bull, MD of Cambridgeshire headquartered JoeCo (and former owner and MD of SADiE) insists that getting the thumbs up from this tour was of the upmost importance. “The toughest road test for any live gear is a tour like this, involving multiple venues and back-to-back recordings,” he says. “So it was great to receive such positive feedback after sending the very first digital AES/EBU Blackbox Recorder on its first outing.” Lightpipe Digital versions of the Blackbox Recorder are now shipping and the AES/EBU variant is expected to ship shortly.

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