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Pro Tools 7.4 headlines Digidesign new product fest

test 27 November 2007

US: It has been a particularly busy end to the year for Digidesign with no fewer than three major product developments beginning to ship during the last few weeks. The triumvirate comprises the latest version of Pro Tools, the Eleven guitar amp emulation plug-in and the ICON D-Control ES worksurface, writes David Davies.

New features on the latest Pro Tools software (version 7.4) include improved networking compatibility with Avid Unity ISIS shared storage systems, new support for HD video workflows, and a new composition and product tool entitled Elastic Time. The last-named feature provides a new way to manipulate the timing of audio events in Pro Tools whilst working in real-time.

“Elastic Time is as easy-to-use as it is deep and flexible,” commented Gannon Kashiwa, market manager for Digidesign’s professional products. “It goes way beyond simple loop and tempo conforming, and delivers extremely powerful time-based tools that sound absolutely fantastic.”

Customers who have purchased a new Pro Tools system or who upgraded within one month prior to the release of Pro Tools 7.4 will be eligible for a free software upgrade. Customers purchasing new systems with old software will also be eligible for the free upgrade.

Digidesign has also launched its eagerly awaited Eleven guitar amp emulation plug-in for Pro Tools, Avid and Digidesign VENUE systems. The plug-in offers carefully selected emulations of modern amplifiers and speaker cabinets based on products from Vox, Fender, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie and Soldano. There are also several custom Digidesign creations inspired by some of the world’s most celebrated amplifier designs.

“Our Eleven team really went the extra mile with this plug-in by including non-linear characteristics often overlooked in other amp-modelling solutions – things like power amp sag, speaker cone break-up, cabinet resonance and ghost notes,” said Dusty DiMercurio, marketing manager for Eleven. “The result of this painstaking attention to detail delivers what we feel is the most incredible and realistic digital guitar amp emulations we’ve heard; it’s something we’re all very proud of here at Digidesign.”

Last but by no means least, the manufacturer has also begun dealer shipments of the new, large-format ICON D-Control ES. The latest member of the ICON worksurface family that also includes the original D-Control and medium-format D-Command, D-Control ES incorporates a darker colour scheme, along with updated, higher-contrast text and graphics for improved legibility in low light. There is also a new switch LED colour layout.

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