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Pro-Audio Alliance establishes social networking presence

test 8 September 2009

US: The PAA – which is coordinated by regular PSNE contributor Mel Lambert (pictured) – has groups on Facebook and Plaxo, reports David Davies. In addition to writing regularly for publications including Pro Sound News Europe, and co-ordinating the PAA, Lambert heads up marketing communications company Media&Marketing and ‘one stop resource’ provider Content Creators.

PAA can be located now on Facebook and Plaxo (links below). A group on LinkedIn is also under consideration.

Lambert encourages pro-audio professionals and trade media to contribute to the forum, which he believes can foster more collective discussions than can be achieved via traditional email. In the event that one networking site emerges as the most suitable for the PAA’s purposes, users may be encouraged to migrate to that service. In the meantime, maintaining parallel groups is thought to be the best option.

"My intention is that the PAA forum on Facebook should address a number of relevant issues, ranging from industry organisations and lobby groups to technological challenges," Lambert tells PSN-e. "For example, we might usefully explore such topics as white space – a thorny problem in both Europe and North America – plus loudness control, DAW protocol harmonisation, software piracy and other areas. I come across people all the time with relevant opinions but who cannot find a voice; Pro-Audio Alliance will provide a valuable soapbox for our industry."



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