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Prism Sound’s Lyra interface now shipping

Erica Basnicki 28 May 2013
Prism Sound’s Lyra interface now shipping

Launched at AES 133 in October, Prism Sound has finally shipped the first Lyra audio interfaces to its worldwide dealer network.   “We were hoping to ship Lyra earlier in the year but due to some manufacturing issues this was delayed until now,” said Prism Sound’s sales and marketing director Graham Boswell. “Testing Lyra on all of the software and hardware platforms took longer than anticipated, but now we have commenced deliveries I am confident that this new family of audio interfaces will delight all audio content producers including musicians, composers, project studio owners, DJs and re-mixers.”   Lyra allows music recording professionals to access Prism Sound’s acclaimed Orpheus audio path and clock circuitry, but in a smaller package and at a much more affordable price point.   The company plans to launch a number of different variants of Lyra, beginning with Lyra 1 and Lyra 2.   Lyra 1, which retails at £1,349 (€1575) plus VAT, offers two analogue input channels – one for instrument/line and one for mic/line – plus two DA output channels and optical-only digital I/O.   Lyra 2, which retails at £1,849 (€2160) plus VAT, takes the concept a little further by offering two A-D input channels with switchable microphone, instrument or line input modes and four D-A output channels. Both optical-only digital I/O and copper S/PDIF are available on this version of Lyra, which also offers wordclock In/Out enabling synchronization with other digital devices.   “We know there is a market for Lyra because our customers have been demanding this product ever since we launched Orpheus,” added Boswell.   “However, we are very protective of our reputation for delivering the highest possible audio quality so we were not going to bring any product to market until we were sure that it could live up to our exacting specifications. Lyra does just that, and we are very proud to introduce it.”    

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