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Prism Sound introduces low-cost SADiE options

Erica Basnicki 20 May 2013
Prism Sound introduces low-cost SADiE options

Prism Sound has released two new versions of its SADiE 6 software –SADiE 6 Professional and SADiE 6 Lite – designed to bring the audio production and recording software to a much wider audience by allowing users to access the software at a lower price point.   Graham Boswell, sales director of Prism Sound, said: “SADiE has always excelled in roles where the most sophisticated editing capabilities are required and where reliability and robustness are paramount. However, we have recognised that not every user needs a full complement of features and functionality, so we have tailored specific versions of SADiE 6 software to suit different budgets and applications. SADiE Professional and SADiE Lite are the latest additions to our product suite.”   SADiE 6 Lite presents the core capabilities of SADiE in an entry-level package, while SADiE 6 Professional can handle unlimited tracks and incorporates one year’s free support including all major updates. Both versions include SADiE’s non-destructive editing tools such as the Playlist, Trim and Region editors. They also provide a slimmed down core set of iZotope VST plug-ins and SADiE channel strip processing.   “SADiE Professional and SADiE Lite are designed to appeal to radio producers who want the core functionality of SADiE 6 so that they can edit on their own lap-tops,” Boswell added. “These versions are ideal for users who don’t need integration with networked radio automation or facilities to master or restore audio.”   SADiE Professional retails at £949 (€1120) plus VAT, while SADiE Lite retails at £450 (€532) plus VAT. Both versions are available now as a download or on a dongle.    

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