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Prestigious award for Ultrasone S-Logic

Dave Robinson 29 June 2010

Ultrasone’s S-Logic Technology has received the Innovation Plus X Award for its state-of-the-art technology and future-proof design. Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic technology is described as a natural surround sound system, employing decentralised drivers that direct audio to the listener’s outer ear.

According to Ultrasone, this technology not only gives the user a natural surround experience in a stereo headphone by utilising the ear’s anatomy, it also reduces sound pressure on the eardrums by 40%.

The Plus X Award is the world’s largest technology, sports and lifestyle competition, in which winning technologies are selected by 144 distinguished panellists.

COO Michael Zirkel (pictured here with marketing assistant Julia Unger and marketing manager Dragana Zirkel) tells PSN-e: "It is a big honour for us that our patented S-Logic Technology has won the Plus X Innovation Award. This proves that our S-Logic Technology with the patented decentralised driver positioning is a unique feature worldwide. This encourages us to continue our research within the acoustic engineering for new and innovative technologies and to combine it with impressive design."

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