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Postcards from a Midas fan

David Davies 17 February 2011
Postcards from a Midas fan

A Midas PRO6 is the preferred console of Chris Trimby, sound engineer for the Manic Street Preachers, who recently undertook a lengthy tour in support of acclaimed tenth studio album Postcards From A Young Man.

For the Manics’ latest road-trek, Trimby (pictured here with the band’s guitarist/singer James Dean Bradfield) – whose many other credits include BB King, U2 and The Cure – selected a PRO6, supplied by leading UK rental company SSE Audio.

“It’s laid out very intuitively,” said Trimby of the PRO6. “Everything’s only one or two button pushes away, whether you’re hitting a channel or hitting the EQ button. You can manoeuvre yourself round the board very quickly. The pre-amps, probably the most important part of any console, are fantastic.”

Other aspects of the spec highlighted by Trimby include Area B – which allows an operator to set up their own emergency ‘grab’ section – and the delay feature on the output section. The engineer also praised the separate library filing system: “When you get on to a console with your USB you can just access your own personal library and then all you need do is to make small adjustments as necessary. Setting that up manually by hand would take ages, but it’s just a matter of minutes on digital.”

Trimby said that the console will be “my first choice wherever I go,” adding that he looks forward to exploring more of the desk’s features on future tours. “I didn’t make much use of the automation files on this tour but I could see from the way the desk is laid out that the filing system would have been very easy to use if you have different musicians all on in-ears playing each other’s instruments with different styles and different levels.

“I started my career on Midas consoles, and they were leagues ahead of anyone then. Maybe the gap narrowed over the intervening years, but with the PRO6 they have leapt ahead again.”

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