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Positive feedback for new-look PLASA

test 25 September 2007

UK: The recent PLASA show – the first to take place since a change of format that brought Earls Court 2 into the picture – has been declared a success. “I think that we created a much nicer-looking environment and that this was recognised by everybody,” PLASA’s Ruth Rossington tells David Davies.

The first show to be managed in-house by PLASA Events, PLASA07 featured more than 500 new product launches and attracted over 50 new exhibitors. The most significant of a number of changes that included lower noise limits and a smoke-free atmosphere was the adoption of a one-floor layout occupying both Earl’s Court 1 and 2.

“We knew that bringing everybody onto one level would add something to the show,” says PLASA’s executive director, Ruth Rossington. “It’s worked extremely well – in fact, I thought the show looked stunning. Also, a lot of people said it was a relaxed show – people seemed to be enjoying themselves. I think that we created a much nicer-looking environment and that this was recognised by everybody.

“There are things that we wish to develop [further], but I believe that we got the basics right and that we can only develop those for next year to make an even better event. We had a lot of positive feedback and a lot of interest from some companies who had maybe not exhibited for some time and are now keen to come back into the show. We fully expect that we will be able to develop the Earl’s Court 2 area [more] next year.”

Provisional, pre-ABC audit statistics indicate that there were 12,252 unique visitors (not counting multiple visits) – a slight reduction from 2006. However, the number of visitors making the journey to London from overseas rose from 27% to 30%.

Finally, this year’s PLASA Awards for Innovation (see pic) bequeathed prizes on, among others, beyerdynamic GB (for Headzone) and Marquee Audio (Revolabs Solo Executive). As reported by PSN-e last week (read the full story here ), Funktion One founder Tony Andrews was the winner of the inaugural Tony Gottelier Award.

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