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Stuart Leader is new Polar Audio head of install

Jon Chapple 19 August 2014
Stuart Leader is new Polar Audio head of install

Consistent with their recent internal restructuring, British distributor Polar Audio has promoted its former business development manager Stuart Leader to the position of head of installation. The company recently re-aligned its operation into two distinct divisions for MI and installation.

Stuart Leader has been at Polar Audio for two-and-a-half years and in heading up the installation team brings to the table a wealth of experience gained from his time with Crestron and Sanyo, where he specialised in the corporate and higher education sectors.

Leader will be responsible for a team which is involved in large-scale system solutions. His team comprise everything from system design and programming to commissioning. The company says that “end-user engagement sits at the heart of the team’s holistic approach to this area,” whereby they are involved with assisting and advising the end-user and integrator from the outset to the end of a project.

The managing director of Polar Audio, John Midgley, says: “Stuart has demonstrated a terrific aptitude for managing what, in many cases, are complex and challenging projects that demand a high level of technical expertise and thorough product knowledge. Add Stuart’s communication skills to the mix and you have the essential package for the role. His promotion was an easy decision.”

By Harry Powell

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