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PMI Audio acquires Trident rights

test 4 November 2008

EUROPE/US: The latest chapter in the Trident saga has drawn to a close following out-of-court settlements among the various parties, writes Jim Evans. At issue for some years has been the use and ownership of the Trident marquee. Last month, PMI Audio Group announced its acquisition of the original Trident Audio Developments Company.

The company has purchased all of the trademark rights, intellectual property rights, goodwill and assets of Trident Audio Developments from David Stocks, who acquired the company from Relyon after it was sold by Trident founder Malcolm Toft.

Established in 1995, PMI Audio Group, is a professional audio distribution company located in Gardena, California, its current current brands of distribution include Studio Projects, Joemeek, Toft Audio Designs, and Stephen Paul Audio.

Malcolm Toft (pictured) heads up PMI’s European operations. He told PSN-e, “Basically, we’ve acquired all the rights to the Trident name. I can’t say much more at present, but it’s nice that Trident has come home. We have some exciting plans for product development plans including a new A range of consoles. My forte has always been in design, while Alan Hyatt [PMI president] looks after sales and marketing aspects of the operation. Some of the things that have happened in the recent past have saddened me, but it’s so good to have things back under our control.”

Trident Audio Developments was officially dissolved in 1995 and thereafter several companies competed for recognition as its successor. John Oram, who was the principal circuit designer at Trident Audio Developments during the ’70s and ’80s, registered ‘Trident Audio Ltd’ in September 1999 with the aim of promoting some of his successful designs from that era.

Extensive and expensive legal proceedings involving PMI and Oram followed in several territories and PSN-eunderstands these have now all been settled out of court.

The following statement was issued by John Oram: “Since AES San Francisco 2008, where John accepted an award for his internationally recognised classic sound, all his products have now been branded solely under the Oram trademark and label. John’s group of companies will continue to focus on bringing innovative technology to music makers and studios in order to maintain the lead his products enjoy for sound quality and technical reliability.”

John Oram commented, “I’m really very happy. The new additions to the Oram range will be built in England with the same classic sonic integrity as they have been for many years. Only the name has changed.”

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