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PL+S 2017: Audio-Technica reveals new microphone

Sarah Sharples 4 April 2017
PL+S 2017: Audio-Technica reveals new microphone

Audio-Technica has announced a new addition to its flagship 50 Series studio microphone range at Prolight + Sound – the AT5047 cardioid condenser model. The show also features a new product from Audio-Technica distributed brand Apart Audio in the form of the REVAMP8250 eight-channel power amplifier.

Following the original AT5040 vocal microphone and AT5045 condenser instrument microphone, Audio-Technica’s new AT5047 broadens the scope of the line-up with its exceptional dynamic performance, the company says.

Based on the distinctive four rectangular diaphragm design of the AT5040, the AT5047 is a cardioid condenser with a transformer-coupled output that delivers a noticeably smooth sonic character and ensures high SPL handling without the risk of overloading mic preamps or console inputs.

With its ability to cope with wide variances in dynamic range, the new model is designed for outstanding performance on everything from brushed snare drums to powerful vocals, guitar amps to brass instruments.

In common with the rest of the 50 Series, the AT5047 is hand-assembled and crafted from aluminium and brass, with an advanced internal shock mount that decouples the capsule from the microphone body. The elegant custom-designed AT8480 mount, included with the AT5047, also ensures isolation from knocks and transmitted vibrations in the studio.

Meanwhile, the new Apart Audio REVAMP8250 eight-channel, bridgeable power amplifier is designed to be the most versatile class-D model in Apart’s line-up. Combined with a pre-amplifier or matrix, the REVAMP8250 can be used to create up to eight zones in mono, four in stereo or even four bridged mono/two bridged stereo. The amplifier has an intelligent variable speed cooling fan, input overload LED on the rear and an amplifier clip indicator on its front panel.

With its high channel count, the REVAMP8250 is ideal for situations where a limited number of amplifiers are able to be specified for reasons of either space or budget, without compromising on audio quality or flexibility.

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