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PL+S 2017: APG unveils SB subwoofer Series

Sarah Sharples 4 April 2017
PL+S 2017: APG unveils SB subwoofer Series

APG will unveil its full range of subwoofers from the SB Series in Frankfurt this week.

Consisting of four models – the SB110, SB112, SB115-M2 and SB118 – the new SB range provides ultimate flexibility for both rental stagers and integrators. All subwoofers were engineered using the same acoustic load based on the variation of band pass design to maximise performance: 300W for the 10” SB110, 600W for the 12” SB112, 1000W for the 15” SB115 and 1400W for the 18” SB118.

Designed for low to very low frequency reinforcement of small to high power sound systems, the SB110 and SB112 host a ventilated ferrite cone driver, while the SB115-M2 and SB118 feature a Neodymium driver.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the Uniline Compact (UC) range, which was introduced to an international audience at Prolight + Sound 2016.

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