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PL+S 2016: VUE Audiotechnik adds to al-Class and h-Class ranges

Erica Basnicki 5 April 2016
PL+S 2016: VUE Audiotechnik adds to al-Class and h-Class ranges

VUE Audiotechnik will unveil new products in its al-Class and h-Class ranges at this year’s Prolight + Sound.

The central focus will be on the addition to the al-Class line array systems. The European reveal of the al-12 system will extend the VUE al-Class to address large-scale applications while showcasing VUE’s CST technology across the series.

The al-12 exhibits new component designs across the frequencies and is optimised for more demanding applications. It also further expands the existing al-Class products into a fully scalable system by eliminating any sign of a transition or coverage gap from its largest 12-inch system, to the smallest four-inch al-Class speaker.

Also being introduced is the self-powered hs-221 with patented ACM technology form the h-Class range. The hs-221 subwoofer is aimed at the touring market, with the EDM market perhaps standing to benefit the most from its low-end performance, says VUE.

“We are very excited to introduce our new products to the European market. The al-12 expands our reach to the large format touring market and can address the most demanding and prestigious permanent install needs. This system will provide the ability of current VUE end-users to expand their inventory and grow beyond their present markets, while maintaining 100% use of their existing al-Class inventory,” comments VUE CEO Ken Berger.

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