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PL+S 2014: RCF reveals Mixer Division

Dave Robinson 18 March 2014
PL+S 2014: RCF reveals Mixer Division

RCF, the renowned Italian manufacturer of loudspeaker systems and components, has created a new division dedicated to the manufacture of consoles. The RCF Mixer Division represents “an important strategic move” for the 65-year-old brand, and his headed by design expert ZP Engineering’s Umberto Zanghieri.

RCF chairman Arturo Vicari (right, with Zanghieri) told press and guests in Frankfurt: “For many years we’ve had requests from our distributors, why don’t you do mixers?”

Vicari suggested the company had been biding its time until it could work with the right partner. “Why now?” he continued. “Because we can work with Umberto – to start the division, we needed to make analogue and digital mixers, and [ZP Engineering] are some of the best in the world [at designing them].”

Although Zanghieri was wary of naming specific brands, his consultancy claims to have had input into most major digital console brands over the last 15 years, including work with DSP and FPGA technologies, and USB and FireWire (IEEE-1394) connectivity. The engineer is also an active member of the Audio Engineering Society.


ZP Engineering was one of two third-party partners who signed up to produce SuperMAC and HyperMAC technology (aka AES50) for Midas Klark Teknik in 2008. The company now becomes part of the RCF Group ¬and is based in Rome.

The first releases for the RCF Mixer Division are nine analogue mixers, from the small six channel L-PAD6 to the 24-channel L-PAD24CX (‘X’ denoting onboard effects). The L-PAD16CX is shown here.

“Now we can supply a complete system to the market,” said Vicari, emphasising that digital consoles will follow.

“In a year we can become one of the players in this market,” he noted.




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