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PL+S 2014: DPA adds to d:fine and d:screet ranges

Murray Stassen 14 March 2014
PL+S 2014: DPA adds to d:fine and d:screet ranges

DPA unveiled new additions to its body worn d:fine headset and d:screet miniature microphone ranges in Frankfurt.

The company’s new d:fine 66 and 88 headset microphones are intended for use by actors, musicians and singers who need to move freely on stage.

CEO of DPA Christian Poulsen, says: “We see a growing need for body worn microphone solutions and a need for them to be even more sturdy for the hard use in live environment, musicals, etc. Therefore, we launched the d:fine Headset Microphones a few years ago and selected the name based on a belief that the microphone would define a new generation of headsets.”

“The expansion of the d:screet Miniature Microphones series is important for us to meet the ever more demanding needs from the market for a solid workhorse that delivers superb sound under challenging conditions,” adds Poulsen.

“Apart from the upgraded versions of the d:screet 4060 series, we have also made a new d:screet Necklace Miniature Omni Microphone that is meeting the request from the market for a mic that can be mounted and de-mounted quickly several times by the untrained talent himself without a sound expert nearby. You don’t have to think about which clothes the mic is to be attached to – actually, being naked is not a problem at all”

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