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PLASA Focus: Leeds details professional development programme

Erica Basnicki 11 February 2013
PLASA Focus: Leeds details professional development programme

The sold out PLASA Focus: Leeds has announced details of its professional development programme, taking place on Tuesday 30 April and Wednesday 1 May, 2013.   On the audio side, acoustics, cabinet size and sound design are all up for discussion.   Oran Burns, education and application support at d&b will present Demystifying Audio Techniques; a practical, interactive session on the principles of acoustics in order to discover what constitutes a well-behaved loudspeaker and how it affects what we hear.   Also presenting from d&b is Steve Jones, who take on the age-old question of Why Size Matters? Using a combination of lively discussion, practical experiments and visual support Jones will demonstrate how a loudspeaker’s size can affect its directivity, the direct to reverberant ratio and the level at the back of the room.   Wrapping up the audio presentations is award winning sound designer Gareth Fry who will share some of the techniques he uses to manipulate audio in Creative Manipulation of Sounds. Fry is a two-time Olivier Award winner and also the soundscape designer for the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games.   All sessions are free to attend, and registration is now open.  

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