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PinkPig flies with MADIcorder

test 8 February 2006

EXCLUSIVE: New venture PinkPig Audio – a spin-off from John Fredericks and the Technical Earth team in North London – has developed and launched MADIcorder, a system for recording up to 64 tracks of 48kHz audio via one MADI I/O connection to a Pro Tools-compatible format.

Based on a Macintosh G5 running a specially developed version of Gallery’s MetaCorder software, MADIcorder writes Pro Tools-compatible Broadcast WAV files to either an internal SATA audio drive, an external FireWire drive or a dual rack-mounted SCSI drive bay with high-performance 73GB removable drive canisters. Completing the system is a retractable keyboard and LCD monitor, full connectivity panel to the rear and an online UPS, which can sustain the system for up to 30 minutes in case of power failure.

“We had been involved in rescuing multitrack material for some of our existing customers that appeared to be irretrievably locked inside a now defunct PC-based MADI recorder that they had been using with a digital console on the road to record live concerts,” says Fredericks. “We spoke with the console manufacturer and with those of our customers who we considered to be potential users, and came up with a system that we felt offered the best combination of core functionality combined with touring durability and a simple uncluttered user interface. The working title PinkPig came about when someone to whom we described our idea replied, ‘Yeah, and pigs might fly!’ We liked the notion of appearing to achieve the impossible, and so PinkPig Audio was born.”

MADIcorder is a straightforward and road-hardy piece of kit that is has already found its way into the trucks of many tours including UB40 (with SSE), Depeche Mode (with Brit Row) and Robbie Williams, where it was field-tested by long-standing FOH engineer Dave Bracey and his DiGiCO D5 Live. (For DiGiCo users, MADIcorder fills a gap left by the DiGiTracs system, co-developed by Merging and DiGiCo, which has now been discontinued.)

PinkPig is also working on a version of MADIcorder that will further integrate the acquisition and editing/mixing phases, and a 128-track version for dual MADI I/O. With Technical Earth also being dealers for Apple and Digidesign, and MADIcorder’s recordings being 100% Pro Tools-compatible, the system has potential. “We are listening to current users’ comments and feedback to ensure the system evolves to satisfy a wide range of requirements,” says Fredericks.

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