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Paris studio launches mobile system while revealing residential expansion in Normandy

test 25 October 2006

FRANCE: Opus studio, the 8-year-old recording facility in Paris, has revealed its new mobile studio rig, what it claims is “the only one of its kind” in the region.

Based on a Mac G5 running Pro Tools HD3, the mobile can record 48 tracks at 48 kHz and includes sync I/O, MIDI I/O, a Rosendhal external clock, Prism ADA Dream units, a Digidesign D-Command, SSL Xlogic, Aphex 1788 and Neve mic preamps and a pair of Meyer HD1. To complete the system are a keyboard and a ‘cinema display’ 23-inch flat screen.

“Nowadays there is a growing demand for residential recording projects”, says studio assistant Mathieu Rouxel. “We were really concerned about having the best technology available for the recording process”. She adds that, after speaking to a few sound engineers, Prism convertors emerged as the favourite for the job.

After having been tested with recordings of live shows, the mobile system will fulfil its first stint proper with singer and composer Michel Fugain, who will use it to record his new album in his holiday property.

The album project will then be finalised and mixed in Opu’s 200m2 Studio A with its Euphonix CS2000. D-Command-wielding Studio C at Opus is 40m2 and is used for overdubbing and post-production. Khemiri reveals that Opus is currently finishing the building of a residential studio in Honfleur, Normandy. Recent visitors to Opus include Jannick Top, Pathé Productions, Trust, EMI France and Universal Music.


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