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PALME enforcing ‘zero tolerance policy’ on counterfeit goods and trade mark infringement

test 4 March 2008

DUBAI: Companies taking part in the forthcoming PALME Middle East exhibition in Dubai who are found to be infringing copyright and patent protection legislation will have their stands closed or their products removed, organiser IIR Exhibitions has announced. The policy has been adopted “to support legitimate companies in the professional audio, light and AV industries whose long-term investment in product development and branding is threatened by the counterfeiters”, writes David Davies.

The news emerges in the wake of coverage on last week’s PSN-e about the uncovering of suspected fake Shure and Camco products.

Commenting on the organisation’s self-proclaimed “tough stand”, PALME ground director Neil Hickman (pictured) commented: “Original manufacturers and their authorised agencies exhibiting at our shows are understandably upset that copycat manufacturers are allowed to exhibit at certain other industry events.

“Having suffered ourselves from copycat events, we fully appreciated the considerable investment in research and development, not to mention the marketing budgets deployed to build brands. Therefore we have decided to make our stance public, not only to protect our exhibitors’ brands and trademarks, but also to support the industry as a whole by driving out counterfeit goods and those who market them.”

In addition to having their stands closed and removed from any PALME event, potential counterfeiters will also be “blacklisted” by IIR Exhibitions. To avoid confusion, a statement has confirmed that exhibitors must own and have valid rights to manufacture, use, perform, sell and display patented products, copyright works, trademarks and trade names.

Hickman added: “This is part of an ongoing campaign to address industry concerns over product piracy and copycat manufacturers. The issue is a global one and we want to ensure all our events are fake-free. Counterfeit products stifle innovation and creativity, the very essence of our industry.”

PALME Middle East 2008 is scheduled to take place at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre (DIEC) from April 27th to 29th.

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