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PA report: which systems are used where, and why

Erica Basnicki 27 March 2013
PA report: which systems are used where, and why

Although traditionally the larger PA systems have been the most popular and powerful, the past year or so has certainly seen a trend in smaller footprint, versatile, lightweight boxes; and in many cases, these smaller enclosures often pack at least the same punch as their larger predecessors.

So why is this now the case? Well, according to Coda Audio’s Mick Anderson (pictured), PA systems now have to be “tools that will maintain their position in status and income”.
  “Whether it’s a one-off festival or a tour, the contraction of disposable income has hit all global markets,” he insists. “Risks involved and costs are now equally enormous, so you can’t turn round like you could 20 years ago and expect major cities to sell out everywhere. Just to make it viable, the trend is now smaller-format, high power and high quality.”
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