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ORF re-equips radio studios with DSP mixers

Kevin Hilton 21 July 2010

Austrian public broadcaster ORF has installed 14 new compact mixers at its regional radio broadcast centre in Linz, in the north of the country, writes Kevin Hilton. The four-fader Junger Audio MIX4 consoles work in conjunction with digital audio workstations and are used by non-technical staff, including journalists and presenters. Hubert Hawell, head of engineering at ORF, comments that replacements had to be found for the mixers that were used with DAWs. "Previously we had external sound processors for processing the microphone signal but as we wanted to reduce the number of devices in each studio and make the system easier for our staff to handle, we decided to invest in a mixer with built-in DSP functionality," he explains. The DSP presets on the MIX4 allow personal settings to be stored for each user. The consoles are now being used at ORF’s Upper Austria Regional Studios and feature customised features to tailor them to the needs of staff. "We wanted direct access to four snapshots with the 1-8 buttons and some changes to the user admin software, as well as a couple of other small changes," says engineer Franz Kierner. "We are particularly impressed with the compressor/limiter bus, which offers outstanding gain range, with almost no pumping or other losses in sound quality." The MIX4s are used for a variety of jobs, including recording interviews and features and running phone-ins. "Most of our journalists have a minimum knowledge of technical equipment but with the MIX4 they can easily recall their voice profile and change the input sources by simply pressing two button," Kierner comments. The mixers were supplied to ORF through Junger Audio’s Austrian distributor, Johan Gotz.

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