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Orban joins up as Audio-via-IP Experts Group undertakes transmission tests

test 20 February 2007

EUROPE: As reported previously on PSN-e, the Audio-via-IP Experts Group was formed in late 2006 to spearhead progress on the “true interoperability” of audio codec products from different manufacturers. Now group members AETA Audio Systems and MAYAH Communications, alongside recent addition Orban/CRL, have announced the successful execution of transmission tests carried out according to draft European Broadcasting Union (EBU) standards, writes David Davies.

The tests – which saw the three organisations deploy their codecs applying the SIP/RTP protocols determined by the emerging EBU guidelines – covered bi-directional transmission using G.711 and G.722, as well as MPEG Layer 2 and Layer 3 audio coding.

MAYAH Communications ceo Detlef Wiese welcomed the continuing progress made by the recently-enlarged Audio-via-IP Experts Group. “We are very proud to welcome our third member to the Audio-via-IP family,” he said. “This illustrates the importance of the efforts being put into the Experts Group. Codec recognition with SIP/RTP is becoming mature, and automatic connection set-up has now become a reality for IP-based transmissions. In combination with pre-defined compliance to the draft EBU recommendations, there is a solid base for further developments which will be to the benefit of end-users.”

Orban/CRL’s head of R&D Orban Europe, Thomas Krey (pictured here to the right of AETA Audio Systems’ ceo, Gerald List), added: “The cooperation between the three companies has accelerated the development which guarantees the highest possible quality standard for our customers. A compatible implementation of audio via IP with SIP/RTP will be the result. We are implementing new SIP/RTP features into our codecs with the necessary and important input of the EBU members, our customers and with the participants of the Audio-via-IP Experts group.”

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