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Optocore schedules Certification Training seminars for 2008

test 27 November 2007

GERMANY: Optocore, a prime mover in the field of digital audio transmission via fiber optical cables, has announced plans for two Certification Training seminars in 2008. According to company founder and MD Marc Brunke, the sessions represent an opportunity “not only to explain our products but also to pass on our experience”, writes David Davies.

Optocore Certification Training (OCT) provides a detailed insight into the utilisation of Optocore devices and their integration into the Optocore Optical Digital Network System. The two seminars – to take place at company headquarters in Munich in May and October – will explore these themes and offer an introduction to configuration and control software Optocore Control. Practical examples and training will be part of the package, while the OCT will conclude with a short multiple-choice test enabling successful candidates to be certified as Optocore Technical Consultants.

“We [have been] working and researching in the field of digital audio transmission using fiber cables since the early ’90s, a long time before this field became interesting for the pro-audio community,” recalled Brunke. “It all started with me as a musician being awfully annoyed about buzzing PA systems caused by copper cables. There had to be some sort of solution to avoid this; why not send audio signals via optical fibers, disturbance free and, in addition, extremely light? Today we are the leading company in this field and we not only managed to convince the pro-audio world of the advantages, but also kicked off quite a boom. It is a logical consequence that we would like to share our knowledge. We therefore initiated the Optocore Certification Training, not only to explain our products but also to pass on our experience.”

In addition to the aforementioned seminars, Optocore distributors will also be offering training courses in their territories (full information through the link below).

Other recent Optocore news includes the appointment of a new distributor for Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the form of MultiTech. Located in Bratislava, Slovakia and in Chrudim (Czech Republic), with an international office in Oslo, MediaTech is a well-established pro-audio distributor and installer.

“We are very contented regarding the cooperation with MediaTech knowing their company policy and employees fulfil [the] absolute highest standards,” said Brunke. “We especially reward the obligation concerning the activities in turn-key projects of radio stations, studios, theatres, etc, and the excellent work of the MediaTech installation team.”

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