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Olympic sprint for NCA and Blueboxx

test 29 April 2008

UK: Noise Control Audio and Blueboxx Creative were audio supplier/contractors for two events held in London recently as part of the Olympic Flame relay. While the former oversaw two sections in Stratford, Blueboxx Creative provided sound for the closing public ceremony in Trafalgar Square, writes David Davies.

In Stratford High Street, Noise Control Audio had to face the challenge of providing sound for spectators at ground level and performers on the library roof. For events at street level, the company specified eight stacks of NCA ASYM3P and VSB215P cabinets, with Linea Research’s BVNet system providing control. Two NCA ASYM2 S2s at the base of the building, facing up 45ft, and four NCA SM15 wedges on the roof enabled the performers there to hear their cues.

“The [only difficulty] on the day was simply getting in at 5am in the most glorious snowfall for years,” says NCA’s Steve Stravrinides. “If only all the problems we see were that nice_”

In Trafalgar Square, meanwhile, St. Albans-based Blueboxx Creative utilised its Electro-Voice line array system – newly purchased from Shuttlesound – on a temporary stage erected for live performances and PA playback of the event’s ceremonial trumpet fanfare. Holding steady against the chilly, snow-blasted conditions, Blueboxx utilised a truss-hung system comprising four XLE enclosures per side, accompanied by two Xsubs. The six-person team also deployed a number of EV 1152s and ZX5s, while amplification came from six EV Tour Grade amplifiers (specifically, two TG7s and four TG5s).

Speaking to PSN-e, Blueboxx Creative director Dominic Martin reveals that the pro-Tibetan protests that impacted upon some parts of the London route were considerably less apparent in Trafalgar Square. “The entire event was controversial as portrayed in the media, but Trafalgar Square was all barrier’d off so nobody could get anywhere near the torch. There were a lot of people waving flags and shouting ‘save Tibet’, but that was [about it],” he says. “It was actually a very straightforward event, apart from the weather conditions. There was a snowstorm in the morning when we were setting up, but the weather was actually okay when the event started. The system stood up to everything and is still working.”

Martin and the rest of the Blueboxx team have since made a return visit to Trafalgar Square, where they used a similarly-configured EV system for the St. George’s Day celebrations.


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