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Oktava adds to modular mic product series

test 30 June 2009

RUSSIA: The new extensions involve the company’s MK-012 modular microphone system (pictured), reports PSN-e. The system enables users to employ a variety of different capsules with the same microphone preamp. Three large diaphragm, one medium diaphragm and four small diaphragm condenser capsules are available, with the latest addition to the range of cardioid, hypercardioid and omnidirectional small diaphragm capsules being a new figure-of-eight/bicardioid capsule.

Oktava has also introduced a new figure-of-eight adapter, enabling the use of two standard cardioid capsules for a figure-of-eight characteristic.

In addition, Oktava has announced that the MK-012 microphone preamplifier is now available in three options – with standard transformer-less FET circuit, mini tube, and miniature preamp with extension cable (up to 5m) – and has launched a new version of its MK-319 large diaphragm condenser microphone.

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