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Ofcom-and-out? UK opposition plans radical move

test 14 July 2009

UK: The communications regulator could "cease to exist in [its] current form" if the Conservatives gain power at the next election, writes David Davies. A UK general election must take place on or before Thursday June 3 next year and is generally expected to elicit the most hotly-contested ballot since 1992.

During a speech to the free-market think tank Reform earlier this month, Conservative leader David Cameron indicated that a Tory government would implement wholescale reform of various quangos (quasi non-governmental organisations) in a bid to increase democratic accountability.

While some organisations would be reworked and slimmed down, others – including Ofcom – would "cease to exist in their current form". Under the proposals, the policy-making functions of Ofcom would return to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

"The problem today is that too much of what government does is actually done by people that no one can vote out, by organisations that feel no pressure to answer for what happens and in a way that is relatively unaccountable," said Cameron (pictured), who has been Conservative leader since December 2005.

Ofcom is currently at the centre of the (extremely) long-running spectrum reallocation debate, which was recently the subject of a PSN-e lead story.

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