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OBEDIA inks new DAW training and support agreement

test 4 September 2007

US/EUROPE: Following PSN-e’s recent coverage of technical training and support provider OBEDIA’s plans for European expansion and new support programme for purchasers of Rain Recording DAW systems (read the full story here), the US-based company has revealed that Terra Digital Audio will be offering an OBEDIA service package with each new Terra Digital M6-R Core 2 Duo and MX2 Quad Core computer system sold, writes David Davies.

The programme launched with a special introductory promotion – running from August 15th to September 15th – that provides a customised 65-minute OBEDIA package (valued at $99.99) to Terra Digital Audio users at no charge.

“Terra Digital Audio prides itself on creating rock-solid audio computers that are truly plug-and-play,” commented YC Song, ceo of Terra Digital. “We optimise every aspect of the computer, from the dual and quad core processors to the silent heat pipe video card to the vibration-reducing chassis to the whisper-quiet fans. So when you load in your Pro Tools software, you’re totally ready to go.”

“The creative process is what it’s all about,” added OBEDIA co-founder Steve Garth. “If you’re serious enough to purchase a specialised music computer, then you’re serious about making music. At OBEDIA, we make sure that your creativity can flow uninterrupted, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world.”

Speaking to PSN-e recently in the wake of the Rain Recording agreement, Garth confirmed that OBEDIA was increasingly active in European countries (England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and France) and Japan, and had plans to further enhance its non-US service provision. “We operate 24/7, which makes time zones a non-issue, and the only current limiting factor is that we provide our services in English only,” he explained. “However, that will change as the demand increases, and Spanish and French will most likely be the two languages we provide next.”


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