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NTP is proud new parent of DAD

test 16 December 2008

DENMARK: NTP Technology A/S has announced its acquisition of Digital Audio Denmark (DAD), reports David Davies. As a result of the deal, A-D and D-A converter manufacturer DAD becomes a wholly-owned business unit and brand within NTP following the transfer of key sales and engineering staff to NTP.

The latter has confirmed to PSN-e that there are no planned redundancies at either DAD or NTP as a result of this acquisition.

DAD’s leading products include the AX24 eight-channel audio converter, which supports both the standard PCM frequencies of 44.1 up to 192kHz, as well as the ultra-high DSD and 35.2 kHz DXD sampling rate used for recording and editing Super Audio CDs. The company also supplies an OEM equivalent to the AX24, the Variant Sphynx-2, for Merging Technologies’ Pyramix.

Users of DAD equipment include Danish Radio, Galaxy Studios, Moscow Music Conservatory, Royal Opera London, SoundWorks/Jeff Sheridan, Swedish Radio and Telarc International.

“This is a very positive development which will benefit existing and future customers of both DAD and NTP,” commented NTP’s managing director, Hans-Christian Kjaergaard-Hansen. “Since its formation eight years ago, DAD has won very wide respect for its range of high-specification audio interface equipment and for its very competitive pricing. DAD’s founder, Mikael Vest, joined us recently as sales director and is ideally placed to ensure sustained promotion and support for our respective product families. DAD’s technical director, Jeppe Sorensen, has joined our engineering team and is already making significant contributions to the engineering effort at NTP.”

Regarding the future prospects for the combined operation, Mikael Vest (pictured here to the right of Kjaergaard-Hansen) tells PSN-e: “The combined NTP and DAD product ranges are fully complementary. Although R&D is ongoing, it has always been our policy to not discuss new products before we are in a position to deliver them.”


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