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NTI AG becomes NTi Audio AG

test 8 September 2009

The new name came into effect earlier in the summer and is to be accompanied by a fresh corporate design, writes David Davies. The new moniker is said to underline the company’s "excellence in developing audio technologies and test solutions for the acoustics and audio market".

The introduction of the NTi Audio AG name (an abbreviation for New Technologies in Audio) is to be accompanied by a new logo and corporate design, although these will be rolled-out on a step-by-step basis.

CEO Philipp Schwizer (pictured) tells PSN-e: "The NTi Audio name change is a preparation for launching new handheld products with impressive processing power and unmatched specifications in the handheld instruments market. The main target of this equipment – shipping starts September 09 – will be the live sound and installed sound market."

The names of NTI Americas, NTI Japan and NTI China are not affected by the changes, while postal/email/website addresses for NTi Audio AG also remain unaltered. NTi Audio AG notes that ownership, staffing and all commercial aspects also "remain the same".

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