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Now it’s official: Sony Oxford Plugins is reborn as Sonnox

test 1 May 2007

UK: As of last Friday (April 27), Sony Oxford Plugins has been the subject of a successful management buyout that means the business is trading separately from its multinational former parent. Four weeks after the then-prospective changeover was indicated during ProLight+Sound 07, the company has now been extracted from Sony UK and is operating as Sonnox Ltd in a development that also appears to mark the end of the Sony Oxford trading name, writes David Davies.

As a result of the buyout – which is said to have been in the works for several months and finds all existing staff making the transfer to the new operation – all products previously sold under the Sony Oxford Plugins name have now been relabelled under the Sonnox banner; support for existing users will continue uninterrupted. The company has also gone live with a new website (see link below).

“It is primarily the same team and the same personalities,” says managing director Rod Densham, “but we are going in to a smaller environment away from a larger company. We’re going to take it forwards and go from strength to strength.”

In the short term, ‘taking it forwards’ is likely to mean the addition of several extra staff members in sales/marketing and programming capacities to the current seven-strong team, and a move to new premises during the next few months. New product developments are likely to be further away, although Densham concedes that “we do have plans”.

For now, he is more than satisfied with the market performance of the last significant initiative under the Sony administration – the launch of native plug-ins compatible with Audio Units, VST and RTAS applications such as Logic, Cubase, Nuendo and Pro Tools LE. Showcased in Frankfurt recently, Densham notes that these are “doing remarkably well. We’re very pleased with the way that’s going.”

Completion of the buyout has also enthused Densham and his team. “If everything goes right – and we’re very optimistic it will – we certainly want to expand and grow,” he concludes.

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